Who is responsible for maintaining ParcelMap BC?

The Surveyor General Services of the LTSA is responsible for the quality of the land survey structure for the Province, and the LTSA is the...

Where can land surveyors view the ParcelMap BC dataset specifications?

Visit the Survey Plan Datasets page to view the Survey Plan Dataset specification and other...

(This Letter updates Circular Letter No. 424 originally issued January 31, 2005)

Amended July 11, 2018


Re: Surveys conducted on the boundary of, or within, Provincial Parks and Protected Areas

Please be advised that prior to the commencement of any survey work within or on the perimeter boundaries of a Provincial Park or Protected Area, land surveyors are required to seek survey instructions from the Surveyor General.

Survey instructions are obtained by submitting an application to the Surveyor General through myLTSA.  

Please describe the intended purpose of the survey and provide a sketch plan depicting the extent of the survey along the boundary or within the park or protected area. Upon receipt and review of your documentation, we will provide guidance and key information to assist with the conduct of the survey.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Mike Thomson, BCLS

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia