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April 18, 2006


Re: Official Coordinates for Integrated Survey Areas outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Capital Regional District

New official integrated survey area coordinate listings have been created for the following areas:

ISA No. 2 Dawson Creek
ISA No. 3 Nelson
ISA No. 4 Kelowna
ISA No. 6 Granisle
ISA No. 7 Logan Lake
ISA No. 8 Mackenzie
ISA No. 9 Cranbrook
ISA No. 10 North Cowichan
ISA No. 11 Duncan
ISA No. 12 Penticton
ISA No. 19 Vernon
ISA No. 20 Nanaimo
ISA No. 23 Kamloops
ISA No. 24 Abbotsford
ISA No. 26 Powell River
ISA No. 27 Rossland
ISA No. 28 Campbell River
ISA No. 32 Parksville
ISA No. 33 Tumbler Ridge
ISA No. 37 Port Alberni
ISA No. 39 Prince George
ISA No. 43 Ladysmith
ISA No. 52 Gibsons
ISA No. 54 Williams Lake
ISA No. 55 Terrace
ISA No. 68 Kitimat
ISA No. 84 Trail

The new coordinate listings are the result of a province-wide adjustment of geodetic survey networks including those within the Integrated Survey Areas (ISA). Official ISA listings were published for the Capital Regional District in 2000 and for the Greater Vancouver Regional District in 2005. This last part of the project is to publish coordinates for the remainder of the province.

The process is part of a national initiative designed to make Canadian Spatial Reference System (NAD83 CSRS) more consistent with global navigation satellite systems and allow ease of convertibility with current and future global datums. The system will therefore provide greater accuracy in absolute sense and better compatibility with satellite-based surveys. It should be noted that in a relative sense, i.e. across small distances in local areas, the changes in coordinates will generally not be significant to most users. That is, distances and angles between immediate monuments will generally remain the same.

The official new coordinate listings supersede the previous listings and are accessible via the Land Title and Survey Authority website.

Rather than a hardcopy coordinate listing in the land title office, the official integrated survey area listings are published as a viewable Adobe Acrobat PDF file for your convenience. This enables users to quickly use the Find tool to electronically search for the desired geodetic control marker information. You may click on the desired integrated survey area listed above to view the new official coordinate listing directly. The listings are published in an electronic format under the authority of section 13(5) of the Land Survey Act. The listings are not published on the Land Title and Survey Authority website in a printable format due to the nature of the distribution rights of the data.

Legal surveys within ISAs must be integrated according to Part 5 of the General Survey Instruction Rules. A grace period will be allowed for surveys commenced prior to the publication of the new official coordinate listings, however, all surveys forwarded to the land title office for deposit on or after June 1, 2006 must comply with the new official coordinates.

An overview of the Provincial refresh adjustment vertical and horizontal adjustment initiative can be viewed on the MASCOT NEWS website.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Rick Hargraves

Rick Hargraves, BCLS
Surveyor General and Director