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March 1, 2012


Re: Integrated Survey Area No. 50, City of Fort St. John, Official Plan and Coordinates

Under the authority of section 12(1) of the Land Survey Act, the City of Fort St. John is established as Integrated Survey Area No. 50 by order of the Surveyor General effective April 2, 2012.

An electronic map of the Fort St. John Integrated Survey Area has been published in the Online Cadastre under the authority of section 13(1) of the Land Survey Act. The Online Cadastre shows the location and designation of the coordinate control monuments and the boundary of the integrated survey area on layers 'Survey Monuments' and 'Integrated Survey Areas' respectively.

The coordinate control monument listing for the Fort St. John Integrated Survey Area has been published in an electronic format under the authority of section 13(5) of the Land Survey Act. It is available for viewing or download from the Surveyor General Division section of the LTSA website under Integrated Survey Area Program. This web page displays a table of all Integrated Survey Areas in numerical order. The ISA number provides a link to the respective coordinate control monument listing.

A user may also link to the MASCOT Survey Control Database to obtain control monument sketches and coordinate information. To invoke this function within the Online Cadastre, set 'Survey Monuments' as the active layer and select a coordinate control monument with the identify tool. A MASCOT username and password are required.

Legal surveys within the Fort St. John Integrated Survey Area that are completed on or after April 2, 2012 must be integrated according to Part 5 of the General Survey Instruction Rules.

Yours sincerely,

original signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia