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November 3, 2015


Re: Integrated Survey Area No. 20, City of Nanaimo, Official Plan and Coordinates

The coordinate control monument listing for Nanaimo Integrated Survey Area No. 20 has been updated to include new coordinate control monuments and has been published in an electronic format under the authority of section 13(5) of the Land Survey Act. The horizontal coordinate values of some monuments in the Nanaimo ISA have changed by up to 42 mm due to a readjustment of the survey data by GeoBC. A vertical refresh has also been completed by GeoBC resulting in vertical coordinate changes of up to approximately 50 mm both up and down depending on the location in the network. The new listing is available for viewing or download from the Surveyor General Division section of the LTSA website under Integrated Survey Area Program. This web page displays a table of all Integrated Survey Areas in numerical order. The ISA number provides a link to the respective coordinate control monument listing.

In addition to the coordinate changes, both horizontal and vertical, the area included within the Nanaimo Integrated Survey Area has been expanded to now match the municipal boundaries of the City of Nanaimo. An electronic map of the Nanaimo Integrated Survey Area No. 20 has been published in the Online Cadastre under the authority of section 13(1) of the Land Survey Act. Online Cadastre shows the location and designation of the coordinate control monuments and the boundary of the integrated survey area on layers 'Survey Control' and 'ISA Layers' respectively.

A user may also link to the MASCOT Survey Control Database to obtain control monument sketches and coordinate information. To invoke this function within the Online Cadastre, turn on the Survey Control layer to see the location of all monuments. Activate the 'Point Identify' tool and click on the desired monument location. In the results pane on the left side of the screen, the monument should be listed by Tablet Marking and when clicked, contains a link directly to the MASCOT website with the GCM number pre-entered.

Legal surveys within the Nanaimo Integrated Survey Area must be integrated according to Part 5 of the General Survey Instruction Rules.

Yours sincerely,

Original signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia