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December 19, 2018


RE:  Annulment of Integrated Survey Area No. 5, District of Elkford

The Surveyor General, under the authority of Section 12(1)(c) of the Land Survey Act and by Circulation of this Letter is declaring the annulment of Integrated Survey Area No. 5, District of Elkford.

As a result of this declaration, legal surveys within the Elkford Integrated Survey Area are no longer required to be integrated according to Part 2-3 of the Survey and Plan Rules.

The coordinate control monument listing for the Elkford Integrated Survey Area No. 5 has also been removed from the Surveyor General Division section of the LTSA website under the Integrated Survey Area Program.

As a result of new survey control observations completed in 2017, and a subsequent re-adjustment of the control network, the horizontal coordinate values for all monuments in and around the former Elkford ISA have changed from the previous values. The range of changes is between 1.1m to 1.5m. At the time of the re-survey of the control monuments, it was discovered that a large number of the previously established control monuments within the actual ISA boundaries have been destroyed or disturbed leaving only one good control monument within the ISA boundaries; there are also a handful of control monuments that remain in good condition in the surrounding areas.

Prior to this new survey and adjustment, the coordinate values for the Elkford ISA were not available directly on MASCOT due to high uncertainty in their previous observation sets. As a result, they were all assigned as Class D monuments.

With the new, more accurate coordinates now known, a user may now access the MASCOT Survey Control Database to obtain control monument sketches and detailed coordinate information and revision history. To invoke this function within ParcelMap BC, turn on the Survey Control layer to see the location of all monuments. Click on the desired monument location. In the Search Results pane on the right side of the screen, the monument should be listed by GCM number and, when hovered over, there is a link to ‘Search MASCOT’ which will bring up a new page with the GCM number pre-entered for a search in MASCOT.

The annulment of the ISA is effective as of December 19, 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Original Signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia