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(This letter supersedes Circular Letter Nos. 414 and 417)

August 13, 2012


Re: Parcel Designations and Land Act Plan Confirmations

Prior to undertaking a Land Act or Coal Act survey of untitled Crown land, an application must be made to the Surveyor General for a unique parcel designation.

Requests for parcel designations must be submitted through the Electronic Filing System (EFS) and the following information must be included in the package submission:

  1. A completed PDF iconApplication Form for Parcel Designation and/or Survey Instructions;
  2. A copy of the accepted offer of grant or lease from the Crown ministry and the proposed survey sketch attached to the offer. If the survey is being conducted at the request of a provincial government ministry, documentation from the ministry requesting the survey needs to be included in the submission; and
  3. Any additional information that may assist with creation of the parcel designation.

The application will be reviewed by Surveyor General Division staff and the applicant will be provided with an email containing a unique parcel description, the associated Parcel Identification Number (PIN) and any specific survey instructions. Please note that survey instructions are not provided for surveys pursuant to the Land Title Act.

Obtaining reference material to conduct surveys is the land surveyor's responsibility. Sources include the Government of BC's Tantalis GATOR system, search agents and the Records Distribution Unit of the Land Title and Survey Authority. Land surveyors are welcome to visit the Surveyor General's records vault to conduct their own research and obtain copies of records.

Once the survey is completed, the resultant plan must be affixed to the Survey Plan Certification Form (FORM_CLRS) and submitted to the Surveyor General through EFS.

If amendments are required to the survey plan, the applicant will be notified of the required changes by email. The revised survey plan can be attached to the original unsigned Survey Plan Certification Form, notes explaining what amendments were made to the survey plan need to be made in the "Alteration" field of the form and the form electronically signed. The form and attached survey plan may then be re-submitted through EFS.

If the survey is a direct contract with a provincial Crown ministry, both the Application for Parcel Designation and Survey Plan Certification Forms must include a note in the "Explanatory Notes" field of the forms stating that the survey was conducted for a provincial government ministry at their direction. The deduct LTSA Fees checkbox on the Survey Plan Certification Form should be unchecked because surveys conducted specifically for provincial ministries are exempt from survey plan submission fees.

Once the plan is confirmed by the Surveyor General it will be filed in the Crown Land Registry and the applicant will be notified of the plan approval by email.

Yours sincerely,

original signed by Mike Thomson

Mike Thomson, BCLS
Surveyor General of British Columbia